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Your Guides to Organizational Excellence

We're not your average consultants. We drive impact in just 90 days. Whether you’re looking to build a healthy organization, create cohesive teams, become a better manager, or understand your working genius – we will be your trusted advisors, guiding you through each challenge to ensure that your journey to success isn't just a pipe dream but a gritty reality.

Working with us means tackling team dysfunction head-on, ensuring everyone's rowing the boat in the same direction. We’ll teach you how to make better decisions faster, run meetings that actually matter, and keep your employees engaged and fulfilled. 


This is what being a winning organization really looks like. We can help you get there.

Meet Our Team


Casey Thompson

Principal Consultant

Meet Casey Thompson, a Principal Consultant proudly aligned with The Table Group. Knowfor his approachable authority, Casey effectively integrates Patrick Lencioni's concepts, becoming a sought-after adviser to executive teams. His unwavering focus empowers businesses to reach their peak performance through enhanced organizational health.

What distinguishes Casey is his exceptional talent for engaging and motivating leadership teams. His proven success in building unified leadership teams and fostering organizational health has made a lasting impact on a diverse range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups, and impactful non-profits.


Driven by the belief that meaningful work can change the world, Casey is singularly focused on achieving results. In just one session, you will witness his passion for nurturing profound connections with executive teams that are both immediate and enduring, delivering measurable outcomes in a matter of days and weeks.


Prior to joining The Table Group, Casey spearheaded his own thriving practice as a strategic management consultant in Indonesia. His experience also includes successfully managing product teams across North America, Europe, and Asia for VF Corporation (The North Face) and VF International.


When not revolutionizing the business world, Casey enjoys the vibrant lifestyle in Salt Lake City with a passion for skiing, golfing, and exploring the great outdoors in his converted Sprinter Van. It's his dedication to both professional excellence and personal fulfillment that drives Casey to bring the best of himself to every partnership.



Professional Male

Alex Satkowiak

Business Manager

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