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Unlock the Power of Organizational Health

Better Teams. Greater Success.

Leadership is a lonely position. If you're a CEO or part of an executive team, we understand the unique challenges you face. You've heard of us, read our books, and know Patrick Lencioni, but to drive real change, you need to put the work into practice. That’s where we come in. 


Whether you’re looking to build a healthy organization, create cohesive teams, become a better manager, or understand your working genius – we will be your trusted advisors, guiding you through every step to leadership success.

High Touch, High Impact

No gimmicky or touchy-feely tactics. We directly address tough, honest aspects with teams, aiming for growth without diminishing morale.



Healthy organizations not only achieve greater results but also build a more loyal customer base and create workplaces that go beyond success to ensure lasting impact.

More Than a Trusted Advisor

Beyond guiding your team to alignment, we are an extension of your team, genuinely invested in your victories and supportive during setbacks.



When your team follows our proven models, your guaranteed to see impactful results in a quick as weeks and months.

Meet Casey

Meet one of the Table Group’s top Principal Consultants, Casey Thompson. Known for his approachable authority, Casey delivers a relatable yet authoritative style, driving significant impact for executive teams globally. As a trusted executive advisor, Casey fearlessly addresses challenging issues without diminishing morale, creating an atmosphere where individuals feel he's a valuable team member, sharing both successes and failures. Constantly living life on the edge, he actively seeks adventure, bringing a unique perspective and energy to every transformative journey with clients.


Signs of a Healthy Organization:

  • Minimal politics

  • Minimal Confusion

  • High Morale

  • High Productivity

  • Low Turn-Over


Our Approach

We champion thriving companies through an approachable authority, envisioning organizational health as a practical standard for a competitive advantage. Our methodology is peacefully courageous—relatable yet authoritative. We aim to be on your team, fostering success and navigating challenges together with practical, relevant, and swift solutions.

Our Clients


The Table Group is a firm dedicated to making organizations healthier, teams more cohesive, and employees more engaged and fulfilled in their work. Through bestselling books, podcasts, certifications, and expert consultants, we've empowered thousands of teams worldwide to enhance their effectiveness and satisfaction

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